Top 10 Ways to Contribute

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Amplify Your Growth with Web3 Partner Marketing

Activate and reward referral partners on-chain in the platform built for affiliates, influencers, creators, NFT projects, gaming companies and publishers.

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1. Promoting the Launch Of Affiliate DAO

We are currently looking for partners with lists to promote the launch of Affiliate DAO (which will be the first historic Web3 affiliate offer).

If you or someone you know has a list that would be a good fit, we would love to connect with them and give you the second tier commission from their sales.

In order to sign up to promote the launch or claim a second tier on referred affiliates click here and fill out the short form to sign up.

Before you are able to sign up you will need to have a Web3 wallet, if you haven’t set one up yet click here to get a Metamask wallet set up in ~2 minutes

2. Recommend Mentors

We are building an exclusive mentor board. We have 75 total available spots reserved for the top minds in affiliate marketing & Web3. As a DAO we would love to hear your mentor recommendations or even potentially accept introductions to individuals that would be a great fit for our team and mission.

3. Intro’s to Web3 Venture Capital Funds

As we build the technological and social rails for affiliate marketing to build in Web3 in a meaningful way, we would love to talk with and build relationships with potential long term partners. Imagine a world where every web3 project can utilize affiliate marketing and inversely affiliates can utilize the power of web3 projects. We think this is a world worth building… and we are not alone.

4. Intro’s to NFT Whale Relationships

These are the trend setters in the NFT investing communities. People are watching what goes into their wallet. If the right people are holding Affiliate DAO membership passes it will create chain reaction among NFT buyers and investors and signal that our NFT Membership pass is a solid investment. Any introductions to these people would be greatly appreciated.

5. Providing Exclusive Bonus Materials For NFT Pass Holders

We are trying to provide as much value as we possibly can to our NFT holders. Many mentors have offered thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses to future NFT holders and we want to honor that and keep it going. If you have a digital course, educational content or things like free access to paid services that you would like to offer to the Affiliate DAO community, we would love to partner with you and help drive people to your projects and bring more awareness to you and what you are working on.

6. Discovering Ways to Apply the Affiliate Protocol

As we are building the first affiliate marketing DAPP/Protocol in Web3 we are starting with the lowest hanging fruit, NFTS. That being said, we see a future where the Affiliate Protocol will be infused into every category of Web3. We are looking for applications for the Affiliate Protocol in the following industries:
NFT projects

7. Recruiting Top Level Talent

As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), it is imperative to have high integrity and high output individuals in our community.  We are looking to attract top level talent, in their respective fields. The opportunities are limitless in a DAO. If you can clearly articulate how you can add value to Affiliate DAO and the community approves your ideas, you can be a meaningful contributor.

To Contribute, Join Discord & Reach Out to the Team!

If you can contribute in any of the ways listed above, please reach out to @johndaniels.eth @Leaderboard or @Conductor in the Affiliate DAO Discord.